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This course is for Orange County Residents ONLY.

This 4 hour course is for Orange County Residents ONLY who already possess a valid CCW License. This course is required for your license renewal every 2 years. You can start your renewal process within 119 days of your license expiration date.

Before you receive your Certificate of Completion, you will be required to prove your county of residence.  This is a California State Requirement and not set by O.C. Firearms Academy.

This class will satisfy the required 4 Hour Course of Instruction required by the State of California and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department before you are eligible for your license renewal. You must complete the entire 4 hour course and pass the test at the end of the course.  You are also required to qualify with your firearm(s) with a passing score of 70% or better.  The range qualification fee is included in this course fee (For up to 3 firearms. Additional firearms can be added to your qualification for an additional fee).  Once you complete your course of instruction, call our office to schedule your range qualification.There are no refunds after you complete this class if you do not pass the Orange County Sheriff’s Department application process.

Course Material

Download the PDF Documents for use during the course, and for future reference.

OCSD Policy 218

OCSD Policy 218
License to Carry a Concealed Weapon

Terms of Acknowledgement

Terms of License Acknowledgement


Orange County Sheriff’s Department set the minimum time required for the CCW Renewal Course at 4 hours.  Intentionally circumventing the web site settings and/or fast forwarding thru the videos would be seen as an integrity issue and would be cause for CCW License Revocation.  Please watch the videos in their entirety.  Quizzes between videos are designed to test your knowledge of the content.